Not in Our Time - Re-imagining the world

SoundStorm Partnership

The programme is being delivered in partnership with Soundstorm with Jason Thornton and 3 other animateurs in a composition project. The project involves specific work with local schools in Bournemouth and Poole and engages 110 students. The timing of the concert is a challenge in terms of school diaries so work will be undertaken in the summer term of 2011 picking up again in September. The culmination of the education programme will be a performance by 110 students in the concert venues in ways which reflect their perspectives on the work. This is one of the core aims of the project to engage young people and show how the arts can reflect important ideas in accessible and sensitive ways.

The Bournemouth & Poole education programme is a transition project targeting children who are 10 years old and making the transition to new schools at the end of this year and older students in Year 10 (or in Poole, fitting in with the different school structure) in the schools they will be moving to in September.

The final chorus of the BSC’s centenary commission by Richard Blackford challenges young people to “re-imagine the world” – a world where diversity enriches, empowers and unites. This project enables and empowers children at an educationally and socially vulnerable time of their lives to do just that. Working with transitional students (those moving from primary to secondary or from middle to upper - an often difficult time of change from one environment to another) the project aims to celebrate diversity and build confidence, putting the students centre stage as they enter their new school. Not only will they learn creatively in a non-formal environment about strength in difference but they will also perform alongside their new school peers at the very start of the school year thus helping them to integrate at this delicate transitional stage.

Working with local schools

In Bournemouth there are a number of schools with a range of faiths and community languages and these are the focus for this work. The schools involved in the project are:

Glenmoor School Bournemouth - GCSE students
Winton Arts & Media College Bournemouth – GCSE Students
Turlin Moor Middle School Poole – Year 7
Hamworthy Middle School Poole – Year 7
Carter Community School Poole – Year 8

Education programme details & performances

There are three phases in the education programme.

1. Three days at Winton Arts & Media College from 19th-21st July led by 4 animateurs with 48 students from Glenmoor, Winton, Turlin Moor and Hamworthy Schools. The students will develop ideas for a new composition which will be professionally orchestrated during August with the anticipated Phase 2 participants in mind.

2. Five days led by animateurs at Carter Community School from 8-13th September with 83 students in year 8 (their first year at their new school) including, for part of the time ,all the students from phase 1. The whole group (Bournemouth & Poole schools) will work on the newly orchestrated work. This programme culminates in a public performance at Lighthouse in the Concert Hall in the afternoon of the day of the BSC performance. This performance will be supported by 3 members of the BSO.

3. The performance in Phase 2 will be repeated on September 20th at 11.45am at the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth with the animateur team and with 3 BSO players in a public performance.

Music Degree Students in their final year at Bath Spa have an animateur module in their programme supported by Jason Thornton. There will be opportunities for them to work with Year 10 students in with experienced animateurs on this project, engaging them on several levels as students, professionals and as members of the community.

Richard Blackford - composer workshops in partner schools

During 2011/12 Richard Blackford will be giving workshops in music and digital technology in all the partner schools as part of the BSC ongoing strategy to strengthen links with local schools and build on student aspiration developed through the project.

Education Liaison

We are very grateful to Dan Somogyi of SoundStorm and to Nickola Moore Arts Manager (Borough of Poole) and Carol Maund Arts Manager (Bournemouth Borough Council) for their support in this project and to partner schools and to the BSC Education Liaison Team for their assistance: Rosemary Allen, De Ashton, Steve Block, Margaret Burdett & John Martindale.