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18th October 2020
Sunday 23 October 2022 at 3:00pmMahler 8

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Royal ...
28th March 2021

POSTPONED from 5th April, 2020
POSTPONED to 28th March, 2021Click Here for information from the Lighthouse.

Palm Sunday 7pm
Lighthouse Poole

The Bournemouth Symphony Chorus was founded as the Bournemouth Municipal Choir in 1911 by Sir Dan Godfrey to sing with his Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra which he had started in 1893. For many years, the Choir sang almost exclusively in Bournemouth, but in 1979, it became the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus, working under the aegis of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. From then on, a considerable expansion in the Chorus’s activities took place, with regular performances in other towns visited by the BSO, including several appearances in the major concert halls of London. It is now heard regularly on radio and television.

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