Support Us Using the BH Coastal Lottery

BH Coastal Lottery:

BH Coastal Lottery is a community lottery being run by Bournemouth Council to help local good causes. The BSC has been accepted as a Good Cause and our BH Coastal Lottery page highlights that we are giving any funds raised to the BSYC. So if you plan to support the local lottery - please do so VIA OUR PAGE - Bournemouth Symphony Chorus. The aim of the fundraising is to support the BS Youth Chorus.  You can find us on the site by creating an account - username and password - then finding the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus page through the search box and you then buy  tickets via the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus page.
For every £1 ticket purchased via the BSC  page, 50p of that will come back to the BSC and this will help the BSYC.  For more information, go to

The draw started on Saturday 2nd March 2019 and is weekly.   Tickets are £1 each and you could win up to £25,000. A number of our supporters have won money and free tickets but we need to maintain our weekly 50 ticket sales  to remain qualified as a Good Cause. So - if you like a flutter, you can indulge yourself and support local good causes - especially the BSYC!

For more information please email: